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The Finest Outdoor,Ski and Paddle Brands on the Planet

We support brands that support our sport, our lifestyle,  our community, and independent specialty retail.  We are proud to represent numerous Colorado & USA based Manufacturers.

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   Adventure Technology builds some of the finest paddles in the world.  Their bent shaft whitewater paddles set the standard for feel and control.  AT paddles are the choice of many top playboaters, river runners and creek paddlers.  Pick one up today and see how it feels in your hands

Astral was founded in 2002 on the banks of the Rocky Broad River near Asheville, NC. We are a focused group of paddlers , designers, engineers, and regular good people. We spend most of our time creating cool stuff and trying our best to please our customers. Astral is a small open business where our success is judged by our customers and our own personal satisfaction.
   C4 stands for the CORE FOUR values that guide them.  Balance, Strength, Endurance and Tradition.  It is a company based on a lifestyle, and the Hawaiian values of friendship and family.  C4 pioneered the development of inflatable SUP and continues to push the sport forward today.
 The worlds Best selling personal HD video camera.  We stock all the mounts and accessories, and install mounts on boats and SUP's. 
   Jackson Kayak manufactures the top whitewater kayaks on the planet in Sparta, Tennessee.  Besides having a family friendly line-up with options for every age,  They support the sport of Kayaking like no other manufacturer.
   Kokatat is the finest manufacturer of drysuits and paddling gear on the planet.  They build their gear in Arcata, California.


 LiquidLogic kayaks set the standard for performance and design.  Proudly made in the USA, their orgins are on the banks of the Green River in western North Carolina.
   Native Watercraft builds some of the finest fishing boats available.  Proudly made in the USA.  Check out their Propel series boats for a new spin on paddling fun.
   NRS is one of our largest brands because they make so many quality products and stand behind them with great customer service. If we dont have it instock, they will. Let us order you any NRS product and save you the shipping. 
   Colorado born and bred!  The boys from Rocky Mountain Underground are building craft skis in small batches.  You will savor the flavor of these locally made skis.
   Shred Ready is a philosophy for life.  This small company in Auburn, Alabama delivers stylish helmets that offer superior protection.  They are all about being Ready for anything that comes at you.  Are You SHRED READY?
   Spokiz are truly innovative Sunglasses based on a simple idea you wish you'd thought of.   If you have a helmet on your head, these are the shades you should be wearing under it.  No ear or temple pinch!
   Starboard pushes the limits of higher performance with innovative designs of the highest quality.  Their lineup features boards that will maximize your experience in any situation and push you to go farther and faster.
   From humble roots on the banks of the Arkansas river in Colorado,  Stohlquist has become a leading name in padlle gear.   Their PFD's set a high standard for fit and function.
   Sweet Protection is Our #1 imported brand. Straight out of Tyrsil, Norway the guys bring serious engineering and attention to detail to helmets and paddling gear.  A truly premium product that is Sweet!
   Werner is a highly respected company in the paddling community for many reasons.  The first is their enduring commitment to the highest performance.  Next is quality & manufacturing in the USA for more than 50 years.  There are many more...
   WRSI set out to build a safer helmet.  One that stays put and does not move and expose vulnerable areas.  They came up with an innovative retention system built for the rigors of whitewater & combined it with multilayer impact absorption.  They now have a full line os safer helmets with style
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