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Denver is a bike friendly city.  Our Bike rentals let you take full advantage.  Just outside our door is the hub of a fantastic trail system that will let you explore the city on two wheels.  There are hundreds of miles of off street riding available that follow the South Platte river and its tributaries. You can follow these trails to the mountains, the plains or to the numerous attractions in the urban core.   We also offer bicycle tours to help orient you to the city and entertain you with historic details. These fascinating tours are appropriate for all riders and well worth your time and money. For more info visit

We rent bikes that make the riding easy for everyone.   Our hybrid "townie" style bikes have 18 speeds and a front shock.  They feature comfortable seats and an upright riding style.  Our rates are a lot less expensive than than Denver's bike sharing program for people who want to keep the bikes for more than an hour, and include a Helmet and Lock free of charge.  To get an overview of  Denver's trail system,  check out this beautiful trail map which highlights the off street riding available.  This map is courtesy of which also sells other trail maps.

Rental Rates:

Half Day (3hr): $25
Full Day : $45
Overnight: $65
Weekend $90