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All you need to bring is desire... and a swimsuit.  Confluence Kayaks will oufit your mind & body for the sport of kayaking.  Learn to explore our watery planet Earth, have fun exercising, build confidence and live adventurously.  Learn to kayak this summer!  Outdoor lessons available April-October

Our skills progression emphasizes the fundamental skills in a safe and effective series of Intro Lessons.  These lessons provide an intensive, action packed learning experience based on the following principles:  Small group sizes, experienced certified Instructors, and high quality gear. 

Intro Lake Lesson  $159

Get your feet wet, and your head too.  Join our Intro Lake Lesson to learn the basic skills of whitewater kayaking.  From the wet exit to the Eskimo Roll. A solid day of instruction to learn and practice the skills that will keep you safe and propel you towards mastering the control of these nimble boats. We'll dress you from head to toe in modern, high quality equipment. You'll become familiar with gear, basic safety concepts and fundamental skills. Our small groups are 8-12 students with two instructors.

Intro River Lesson $149 - South Platte

Get into the current.  You'll learn about hydraulic features of rivers, how to avoid dangerous hazards, and how to negotiate common obstacles and simple rapids.  You'll practice maneuvering in current and will work on eddy turns, ferries and peel-outs.  We'll dress you from head to toe in modern, high quality equipment. Our small groups are 8-12 students with a 4:1 student to instructor ratio. Meets at Confluence Kayaks Downtown.

Intro River Lesson $159 - Upper Colorado

This is where it gets interesting,  Take your basic skills to the hills and enjoy learning river navigation in a beautiful natural setting.  The upper Colorado is the perfect beginner river run, because it offers more current, a deeper channel and quality practice sites.  For this lesson we meet at Rancho del rio, and float to State Bridge

Next Step River Trip $159 - Upper Colorado

Follow our steps to become a proficient kayaker.  The next step river trip is a full day trip that puts your skills to the test.  You'll navigate a longer stretch of the Colorado river and be introduced to more advanced river running techniques.  Learn to evaluate and avoid all common obstacles and hazards while refining your maneuvering skills.  Enjoy a riverside lunch and finish the day surfing and playing your way down to State Bridge


Our program is special beceause we allow you to repeat lessons at a reduced cost, to ensure that you have the skills needed for each step. We also offer discounted rental sessions to our students to keep you involved until you decide to purchase gear.

Winter time is kayaking "preseason" a great time to get started in the pool, or refresh your skills so you are ready to go when the runoff starts. Indoor lessons are offered February - July at the University of Denver pool. Outdoor lessons are offered April - September. Private Instruction is always available if our schedule doesn't mesh with yours or if you want more personalized lessons. All lessons and equipment rental sessions require pre-registration.....