Monday-Friday 10-8 | SAT 10-6 | SUN 12-5

Whether you’ve never been kayaking, or need kayaking classes to refresh your rolling technique, it’s time to go back to school. Our kayaking lessons covers safety training, paddle skills, outfitting and rescue techniques. When you’re ready to find yourself on the river, Renaissance Adventure Guides will teach you to be safe and have fun on the water.

Master the basics in our duckies (inflatable kayak) kayaking classes – safe and fun for your whole family, even young children!

Pool Kayaking

Our Pool lessons are warm, fun and friendly! We focus on skill building for beginners and experienced paddlers. They are also a great way to stay in fighting shape over the winter. C'mon back for our open pool sessions for more practice.

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Single Day Kayak Lessons

Single day lessons are great for beginners who are just starting the sport or for learning more advanced or specific techniques. Be forewarned - once you get a taste of kayaking, you'll want to come back for more!

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Discounted Kayak Packages

Sign up for multiple classes at once and received additional discounts on lessons.

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Private Instruction

You will learn advanced skills quickly with the personal guidance of our experienced instructors. Choose a One on one setting, or bring along a small group of friends for a lesson tailored to your exact needs. We offer private lessons for whitewater and touring kayaks, and for Stand-up Paddleboarding.

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Whitewater SUP Lessons

Ready to feel the thrill of surfing the river? We'll help you get all the skills you need to confidently take your stand-up paddleboard out on the river and down the rapids. 

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