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Indoor Pool Kayak Lessons

Winter time is kayaking "preseason" a great time to get started in the pool, or refresh your skills so you are ready to go when the runoff starts.  We are super excited to welcome you to our brand new onsite pool.   You will be immersed in the warm water of our pool inside our shop.  Having our own pool allows us the ultimate flexibility for scheduling your lessons.  If our scheduled lessons do not match your availability, let us set up a private lesson at your convenience.   All lessons and open pool sessions require pre-registration. Please call with any questions. 

Our pool lessons are warm, fun and friendly!  We focus on skill building for beginners and experienced paddlers.  They are also a great way to stay in fighting shape over the winter.  C'mon back for our open pool sessions for more practice.

Intro Pool lesson:   $99 You'll get familiar with a modern river running kayak and paddle gear. You'll adjust the outfitting and learn to enter and exit the kayak safely. Next practice the basics of boat control including balance, posture, paddle grip and simple strokes. Build confidence upside down by learning to stay in the boat, hip snap and flip the boats with assistance.

Pool Rolling:  $59  You'll learn what it takes to roll a kayak upright and get lots of practice. Rolling is complex and disorienting at first, but simple drills and practice will overcome initial fears. True mastery of the roll is a zen inspired process. While some students experience rapid success, most take several weeks to build their strength and agility. Many students repeat the class after additional practice time in our open pool sessions.

Open Pool: $20 When you want simple practice time to "bombproof" your roll or work on strokes or playboating skills you should join our open pool sessions. Because of limited pool space at DU All open pool sessions require pre-registraation.

Open Pool: $10 No lesson no gear

Open Pool with gear: $20  

Intro Pool Lesson: $99  4 hour lesson

Rolling Lesson: $59  2 hour lesson

Pool Private: 1st person $150,  add'l people $75  2 hours