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If you're an outdoor enthusiast who appreciates the best of the best, the Arva carbon avalanche airbag canister is a must-have piece of safety equipment. Compatible with all Reactor series of backpacks and vests, these products are designed to help protect you in the event of an avalanche, increasing your chances of survival and allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors with confidence. This product comes pre-filled and is also refillable within our network of Refill Centers across the US and Canada.

Canister airbag systems are the most proven products in the field, and Arva's simple and efficient design is the lightest complete system in the world, while maintaining high safety standards including strong inflation power and a rigid dual-chamber airbag. The Reactor series is a result of attention to detail and an evolution of many years experience in avalanche safety. Never worry again about leaving a pack at home because of weight, and with its balanced and light-weight design you will appreciate every minute of use.

Refillable carbon cartridge is eco-freindly and has a capacity of 250ml to maintain inflation performance with low weight. It can be filled with compressed air (EN 12021 standard) within our network of Refill Centers, or anywhere in the US with Arva's mail-in refill service.

In compliance with North American standards ISO11119-2 USA/M0812 IA18 as well as with IATA regulations (table 2.3.A) for the air transport of luggage by passengers internationally. With North American travel TSA requires canister to be empty and cap and fitting to be removed. Any specific questions feel free to email us at

Working pressure : ≥ 3800 PSI

Test pressure : 465 bar / 6745 PSI


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