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If you make a living teaching avalanche courses or otherwise value squeezing the most utility out of your avalanche transceiver, the ARVA Neo BT Pro is here to push the envelope. Boasting a massive 80 meters of search strip width, the search range can be pushed even further to 90 meters in analog mode (complemented by automatic sensitivity calibration). Other high-end capabilities include scrolling, which lets the rescuer toggle between victims in a multiple-burial scenario, automatic revert-to-transmit, which senses a lack of motion should a second avalanche bury the rescuer while in search mode, and standby mode, which eliminates interference when you have already begun the fine search and shoveling portion of a rescue. Beyond these powerful features, the BT Pro is Bluetooth-compatible, making it possible to use the ARVA app to set up the beacon, plan a route or even practice rescues. It’s safe to say you will be exploring the feature set of the BT Pro for years to come!

  • Included soft holster is equipped to fit a range of body shapes.
  • Compatible with lithium and alkaline batteries.
  • 3 antennas combined with digital signal processing pinpoint the exact direction you should head once a signal is acquired.
  • Autotest mode diagnoses the functionality of the beacon.
  • Dynamic interference management helps users adjust their search practices in an area with high signal interference.
  • U-turn alarm grabs rescuers’ attention when they inadvertently get turned around.
  • Scrolling allows the rescuer to sort through complex burials.
  • Marking function identifies up to four victims' locations, displaying "+" for any further burials.
  • Group check function verifies the transmit frequency of fellow travelers.


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