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DPS 2018 Wailer 106 Foundation

Length: 178cm

Price:   $ 799.95   $ 499.99  
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Length: 185cm

Price:   $ 799.95   $ 499.99  
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The Foundation 106 is a ski to get excited about. Foundation’s novel new bamboo design has taken the overall feel of damping and solidity to new levels. The F106 benefits from a refined rocker line and Chassis-inspired sidecut, which provides instant engagement and a smooth turn finish. Both attributes accent the hypnotic feel of a flex profile that bends around your boot, drawing you directly into deeper, more playful arcs across a wide range of terrain and snow. 

142 / 106 / 125 | Radius: 18m


168cm, 178cm, 185cm, 191cm


2220g per ski average weight @ 191cm
2050g per ski average weight @ 185cm
1950g per ski average weight @ 178cm
1780g per ski average weight @ 168cm