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DPS 2019 Wailer 99 Tour1

Length: 176cm

Price:  $ 1,099.95 
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Length: 184cm

Price:  $ 1,099.95 
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The iconic Wailer 99 shape precedes itself with its long line of noted accomplishments across all construction types. It’s a winning design with countless best-in-class awards. Its ultralight, torsionally responsive carbon laminate construction, achieves the epitome of versatility: energy-saving, lightweight, but offering rare slarveability and nimbleness in a touring-specific 100mm underfoot package.

125/99/111 | Radius: 16-19m


168cm, 176cm, 184cm


1410g per ski average weight @ 184cm
1355g per ski average weight @ 178cm
1225g per ski average weight @ 168cm