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RMU 2019 North Shore 108 Wood

Length: 175cm

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Length: 185cm

Price:   $ 799.99   $ 599.99  
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RMU’s most anticipated ski of 2018 is the addition of the 108. The ski has been drawn up by RMU athletes from around the world. Featuring a stiffer core, the 108 can handle high speeds for the bigger lines but is still agile enough for hucking. RMU added a larger tip and tail rocker to bring the ski up to plane quickly. We have moved the contact surface forward allowing for a longer radius and added extra binding reinforcement for bigger drops. The 108 is a serious weapon and a great addition to any quiver.

Ski Size Dimensions Radius Weight Wood Weight Carbon Weight Metal
  Centimeters Milimeters Meters Grams Per Pair Grams Per Pair Grams Per Pair
North Shore 108 185 132-139-108-124-118 17.5      
North Shore 108 175 132-139-108-124-118 17 3300 3000 3579