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RMU 2019 North Shore 114 Wood

Length: 175cm

Price:   $ 799.99   $ 599.99  
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Length: 185cm

Price:   $ 799.99   $ 599.99  
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Big mountains, big lines and dynamic engineering. The North Shore challenges the daunting while leaving the skier in control.

The North Shore is a progressively engineered ski for the big and burly lines. Larger tip ratio dimensions compared to the waist allow the ski to float on powder while keeping a generous sidecut for effective edge. The five point design allows the ski rail turns just

as prominently as a ski with a narrower profile. The progressive radius provides more control at higher speeds helping the rider be under control when arcing big Alaska style turns. The North Shore is designed to charge thus the ski has been made 10% stiffer this year to increase responsiveness and edge hold. Whether slaying big lines in Valdez or charging in the San Juans, The North Shore are the go to boards.


Ski Size Dimensions Radius Weight Wood Weight Carbon Weight Metal
  Centimeters Milimeters Meters Grams Per Pair Grams Per Pair Grams Per Pair
North Shore 114 185 135-145-114-130-126 18.7      
North Shore 114 175 135-145-114-130-126 16.35 3420 3200 3766