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DPS 2022 Powderworks 115 RPC

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Our flagship powder ski—the 112 RP—was meticulously designed to masterfully dissect any possible combination of terrain and soft snow conditions that the Rocky Mountain West offers over the course of a winter. But when Utah’s steepest terrain was coming into primetime conditions, we felt that a ski with some more horsepower would better cater to rowdy freeride lines and dual-stage cliff drops. On early mornings listening to the avalanche control bombs either from the skintrack or the liftline, we wanted a ski for conditions that demanded our A-game. 


As a result, the Powderworks Edition 115 RPC was born to achieve a more powerful, crud-busting tool for resort skiing and slackcountry missions alike. In combination with the extra 3mm of girth at the waist, the ski’s lengthened turn radius encourages the skier to arc longer turns down the fall line at borderline-irresponsible speeds. The tip and tail height is also decreased to provide more ski-to-snow contact in variable snow conditions, making it easier to dump speed and change direction in nearly-vertical terrain. 

Additional features unique to this Powderworks model are a more forward recommended mount point and tweaks to the ski’s core. The recommended mount point is made possible by the lengthened radius, and allows playful skiers to mount their bindings in a natural-feeling spot on the ski. The updated core is unique to this model and implements a stiffer core with our cutting edge carbon laminate under the hood. This helps to achieve a stiff and responsive feel and encourages the skier to take on the challenge of flashing that trophy line from top to bottom without hesitation—even if there’s a not-so-insignificant air out of the bottom.


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