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Summer Services

Get the most out of your equipment investment. Let Confluence Kayaks service department help you maintain and repair your equipment. Our rates are reasonable, and our service is guaranteed. We offer a wide range of services in-house, so that you don't have to maintain your gear. We also sell repair supplies and materials and our advice is free! If we can't fix your equipment, we'll refer you to someone who can.

Got Yer Back Service Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with a service performed at Confluence Kayaks, please bring it to our attention. We will either perform the service to your satisfaction or refund your money.


It boils down to fit.  Do you fit in? Can you get out? Are you comfortable? Kayakers know that the performance of a kayak is greatly influenced by the way it fits.  Your ability to control your kayak, and execute the Roll depends on being snug and comfortable. Confluence Kayaks has the most experienced outfitting staff, and the best tools and materials available. We specialize in boat upgrades and maintenance including backband installs and creating custom foam bulkheads for playboats. Our experience modifying boats for your special requirements allows us to offer truly custom outfitting sessions.

Price: We charge $50 per hour for Custom outfitting of your kayak. If you purchased the boat from us the first hour is free.  As always the advice is free!!!!

We also offer standardized prices for these common services:

  • Backband install $20
  • Hip and Seat Pad install $15
  • Custom Foam Bulkhead fabrication $35
  • Plastic Welding $50 base + $45/ hour

Drytop & Drysuit services

When you blow a gasket you need a solid repair done quickly.  First, we will completely inspect the garment to determine if a repair is feasible.  Then We'll replace your blown seals with quality Gaskets from NRS   Our standard turnaround is  3 days, For a $15 rush charge, we'll get it done overnight.
If your drytop is not shedding water the way it used to,  the durable water repellent finish has worn off.   We'll re-treat the finish using Revivex, and you'll stay dry.  We also have the materials available in our shop, so you can buy Revivex products and do it yourself.   
Drytop Service Prices:     
  Parts Labor
Neck Gasket $35.95 $35.00
Wrist/arm Gasket (1) $19.95 $17.50
Ankle Gasket (1) $19.95 $17.50
Tech Wash Garment  $9.95 $10.00
Revivex DWR + Heat Set $9.95 $10.00


Take-a-Part Kit Have you got an old paddle you're not using anymore??  We can turn it into a breakdown paddle so you'll be able to carry it in your boat as a spare.  We can even change the offset to 30, or 45 degrees while we do the work.

Price:   TAP Kit     $17.95  TAP install     $50.00

Fiberglass work We'll get your stick back into shape!!  We can fix many broken fiberglass blades whether they are regular glass, carbon fiber, or carbon/Kevlar.  Bring your paddle in for us to estimate the repair.  One hour minimum

Price:   Fiberglass Labor    $50/ hour

Miscellaneous repairs We can fix many other equipment problems, or tell you how to do them yourself.  We're here to solve your problems, so don't hesitate to drop in, call or e-mail your questions.

Price:  Miscellaneous Shop labor $50/ hour


We arrange kayak & equipment shipping all over the country   If you are buying or selling a boat to another state, or are traveling but can't take your boat with you, our shipping program might be the answer.  Often for domestic travel terminal to terminal shipping is cheaper than paying airline baggage fees.  International shipping can be quite expensive, however.  Please contact us for a quote or more details.


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